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Sharpen Your Knife Podcast is here!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

EPISODE ONE - The Inaugural "Sharpen Your Knife Podcast"


Months in the making, we finally get to serve you our new Podcast. ScottWebb and KellyFox launch Episode 1 of the soon to be #1 Podcast on our grandmother's Podcast playlist. Kidding, we will probably come in around 3, LOL! What we are not joking about is the months of hardwork that went into getting our first podcast off the ground. From deciding on the theme, to getting the artwork ready and making sure we nailed our intro description (Thank you Donald Miller StoryBrand) with a fabulous voice over artist Christian, and finally getting all the files edited and uploaded to our Podcast host @SoundCloud. Now, we are super excited to have you listen, hopefully have some fun with us in the Kitchen, where we breakdown the skills and mindset required to sell more of what you've got cooking! This podcast is dedicated to the entrepreneurs, the business owners, and the leaders who are looking to not only increase sales, but it do by focusing on making their customers better, by providing more, doing more, serving more, teaching more, and in the long run- creating Customer for Life! We call this Customer Lifetime Value. So with out further ado - enjoy. The inaugural podcast episode for Kitchen Traffic, a sales and branding consultancy in Denver, Colorado. The Sharpen Your Knife podcast is dedicated to helping the modern business create more sales and profit by focusing on Customer Lifetime Value. Delivering and serving your customers is the key to more sales, and frankly in a world of lackluster service, treating your customers like you would guests in your kitchen is a competitive advantage. Join Kelly Fox and Scott Webb as your hosts and brand chefs each week. Oh, and don't forget to leave us your feedback and comments.

Our Cooking Utensils that helped produce this Podcast

Microphones - Neewer NW-800 Pre-amp - Scarlet 18i8 Audio Software - Adobe Audition Podcast Hosting - Soundcloud


Episode Idea: Why you need to Sharpen Your Knife.

Sharpen Your Knife means to the future of your business.

Overview: Kelly and Scott break down how getting really, really good at one thing will transform yourself, your business ideas and the success you can achieve with your customers

Why is Sharpen Your Knife the perfect metaphor for getting really good at your one thing. Sharpen your knife also means skilling up.

You can't focus on the customer if you've got 30 different pots on the stove. To be a customer-centric brand you have to be known for something. Your X Factor, your signature dish. And this transcends your product or service.

Double and triple down on what your really good at. Get better at that, and delegate the rest. If you hate math spending countless hours trying to learn accounting skills is a waste of your time.




Self worth issues


Lack of Philosophy - both business and personal

No written plan or short term goals

No actual strategy (recipes)


“We just wanna” do this… and that

High Churn of employees

High churn of customers

Lack of insights into your business

Lack of innovation (always competing on price)

No real replicable or scalable system

Chasing the shiny object


90% of all businesses fail.

Only 10% of Fortune 500 from 50 years ago are still in business

Technology changes, markets turn and consumer tastes turn fickle. When any of those things happen, you will take a hit.


There are lots of articles, coaches, influencers, leaders out there that promise in 5 easy steps you too can transform your business. When in reality, focusing on 5 different things, leads to multi tasking, leads to nothing getting done.

Focus on 1% change everyday. Make a small change, sharpen one knife in the drawer everyday for a week...give ideas on how to do this: take a course, set up google alerts, seek the advice of someone you are aspiring to be, etc.

Commit to learning, working, succeeding, failing at what you want to be known for

You must have a cookbook

Your cookbook needs 1 or 2 signature recipes. Master these recipes before you add the sides, the dessert, the wine pairing, etc. Because without the signature recipe, no one will want to seek out the signature recipe you have, including you.


You must have a cookbook

Your cookbook need 1 or 2 signature recipes

We have an online schedule worksheet for leaders and entrepreneurs


List out your entire day, what you are doing every 30 minutes. Get rid of something unhealthy in your day and add the 1% change you have committed to learning, seeking, achieving

Revisit this exercise every 2 weeks once this change becomes a habit, see how far you have come, repeat the process.

Ready to Sharpen Your Knife, deliver a simple yet effective Customer Experience across your business, increase sales, and build a more relevant brand? At Kitchen Traffic, we only focus on 1 thing, helping your create and leverage Customer Lifetime Value. Serve your customers, and they will serve you. We built a single unified 3 step approach to helping you be the best brand in your market. Go to www.kitchentraffic.com/podcast to get a worksheet for today's podcast.


Future Podcast Ideas:

Does your business have a nutritional label? The nutritional value shows what’s inside the product. Do your customers know what they are getting when they invest in your product and brand?

Show them what, how, why, where - give them ideas on how to use the ingredients that yoiur business applies personally.

Betty Crocker Cookbook - Sales Funnel

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