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FREE LUNCH is our LIVE Monthly education Webinar where we break down a "tried and true RECIPE" you can employ in your business immediately to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers. 

Join us Wednesday, September 18th, at 11 am MST
 Noon CST, 1 pm EST

How to Make More Sales By Giving Away Your Good Stuff.

Join Kelly and Scott during Lunch as we give you a plan on how to give away (yes, for free) your good stuff to increase more traffic and sales.


Just like you, when we adopted this idea, we were thinking "how in the world can we stay in business if we give away our good stuff?" Well, we are going to tell what we learned and how you can employ in your business this idea of, give to get.

- The introduction to giving without receiving.

- What I can give away?

- How do I give it away?

- How often do I have to give my good stuff away?

Scott Webb

Kelly Fox

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