Understanding that employees are the lifeblood of your business and NOT your customers is the first step. 

The same 3 Principles we use to help businesses and brands keep their hard-earned customers is the same recipe we use to help you keep your hard-working employees.

The Foundation - YOU must have a Philosophy 

Look, we know what you are saying. "Philosophy - Schmilosophy, I have a business to run, not some feel-good, zen camp for millennials. Plus, we pay above the industry average, we give decent benefits most of our employees have been here a while."

And for that, we say - CONGRATULATIONS! Then why are you on this page? Kidding. The truth is that finding and keeping quality people is hard. And it's only getting harder. Just like we preach in our Customer Lifetime Value workshops, you must be ready to adopt some new ways of runing your business.

The first change we expect everyone to adopt is a PHILOSOPHY. Not a manta, or a slogan, or even a mission statement. No, your philosophy is what you build your business on, now and into the future. 

Just as important, your philosophy is the THING your employees and your customers buy into. Just providing a good product or decent service is no longer good enough. Your employees and customers are looking for, wanting a better experience in not just the transaction, but someone that empathizes with them understands their pains, wants needs. Your employees are no different.

Companies with happy employees generate 3X more revenue on average. 

Ingredient #1 -
Data and Insight

Ingredient #2 -
Innovation and Differentiation

Ingredient #3 -
Build a replicable system through 1 or 2 processes.

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