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Hello Team Tucker Members, we are excited you are here.,,

Working with Shawn and his team at RHG Products, we together are committed to helping you grow your businesses in 2020 and beyond. As with any growth, it requires change. Change in processes, in mindset and a willingness to go above and beyond.

On this page we have several FREE RESOURCES to help you stay on track and committed to providing and outstanding service to your customers and community, as well as enjoy the fruits of your labor. All work and no play is no life.


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Often as a service provider, you are told that you must get new customers to build your business and while that might be true, especially if you are starting out. Something that is constantly ignored in the marketplace but extremely valuable are your existing customers.


In fact we might say they are the keys to your ongoing success. Sure, they provide what we like to call cushion business (repeat business) but my friends it is high time we shed some light on how truly important your existing customers are.

  • 65% of a company’s revenue comes from existing customers.

  • 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people.

  • In 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator

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