Why is Customer Lifetime Value
so important?  

If you want Customers 4 Life, then you have to start with CLV. 

Customer Lifetime Value addresses the three most crucial sides of your business. 

1. Successful brands and profitable businesses understand the longterm value of their customers in total accumulative dollars. 

2.  The compounding effect of REFERRALS generated over time.


3. They also understand the value THEY need to bring to their customers over the lifetime of the relationship. 

The Kitchen Traffic Story

Why are we called Kitchen Traffic?

The Kitchen is a metaphor for your business. Think about your own kitchen. It's generally the most popular room in your home.

The Kitchen is where most people congregate and mingle.  It's where you cook things (create your product) The Kitchen is often the place where you experiment (fail and succeed).

Go ahead, close your eyes and just think about the one thing your grandma makes better than anybody else - can you smell it? are you salivating? can you taste it? Food and food-related memories are often emotional.

Build an emotional connection and a powerful relationship with your customers so strong that they can literally close their eyes and immediately create a positive impression about your brand.

We have been digital sales and marketing pioneers for over 20 years and have seen a thing or two when it comes to sales and marketing growth. We work with multi-million-dollar producing companies and have added millions of dollars to their bottomline while growing their customer base and building exceptional brand value, all the while creating more Customer Lifetime Value.


When you FEED YOUR BUSINESS you will sell more of what you've got cookin!" More Customers. More often. More loyal.

Would you like more cheddar?

How do we do that? A Simple 4 Ingredient Recipe that you must have in your Business Cookbook.

1. You must have Business Philosophy - This is your core values as a company and with all things being equal is what sets you apart. Your business philosophy is what your team and your clients experience.

2. You must Know Thy Customer! - Who they are, why do they buy, what do they love, what do they fear, and what is the long-term value they represent both in dollars and referrals.

3. You must Know Thy Brand - Do you have a brand or just a product/service? What is your "Secret Sauce" - what is your "Signature Dish?" What Innovation can you bring to the market to make you stand out in a sea of noise?

4. Do you have a System - These are the daily processes that deliver that VALUE that you bring to the market and to your customers. Your system for delivering exceptional value above what your customers actually pay for. The experiences and feeling that you provide will create a REFERRAL source second to none.

Meet The Founders of Kitchen Traffic

Kelly Fox -
CEO and Customers 4 Life Strategist 


Your recipe for sales success and brand  value begins with a PHILOSOPHY.

If you don't have a PHILOSOPHY and a SYSTEM in place for focusing on those details and being consistent with applying the recipe, the change you seek will elude you. My team helps you create a winning PHILOSOPHY and SYSTEM in place that is repeatable and measurable.

Scott Webb -
Founder and Customer Lifetime Value Expert 


You already have the "Secret Sauce." The challenge is that you may not know your own "Secret." My team is especially gifted in helping you find that "Secret Sauce" and deliver it to your customers in a memorable way. 


Are you indispensable? What do you already possess within your products and services that make you indispensable to your customer base? "That" is the one thing we help you leverage and grow your business with.

As a 20 year internet sales and marketing expert, I have personally experienced each of the 4 major shifts on the internet. Now, we are seeing the biggest customer shift in history. Businesses no longer own the sales funnel, hell, the funnel is pretty much obsolete. 

Our Business Vocabulary

CLV - Customer Lifetime Value (Our motto - “Serve Your Customers and They Will Serve You”)
CX - Customer Experience

CR Customer Retention

CL Customer Loyalty all fall under CLV
THE KITCHEN - Where brands create, experiment and cook up their offerings. (And sometime burn shit).
RECIPES -The strategies that our customers follow to achieve their chosen outcome.
INGREDIENTS - The individual items that make up the customers offerings 
FOOD - The sales/revenue/transactions/customers/profit that our customers brings into their business.
COOKING - Our customers products or services
GUEST - Our clients customer
TABLE - Where our customer serve their guests (online, wholesale, retail, etc.)
THE DIP - The predetermined and natural cause and effect of change. Our goal to reduce the amount of time in The Dip.
CAKE - The 5  Layers of building a successful brand that sells - aka referred to as THE 5 P’S or Trust Funnel.
THE HALO EFFECT - Focus on the customer as an asset will turn them into your sales force. The Ultimate Word of Mouth

“Sharpen Your Knife” - The CLV podcast and blog on building a delicious and profitable brand that brings your customers and your business a lifetime of value.

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