Get our tastiest and easiest to implement recipes to help you sell more of what you've  got cookin'!

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We built a simple 5 step system to help create stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers, and ultimately a lifetime of value for them and for you.

It works so well, it will require a completely new mindset in how you view your customers and your business.

The Kitchen Traffic Story

Why are we called Kitchen Traffic?


The Kitchen is a metaphor for your business. Think about your own kitchen. It's generally the most popular room in your home.

The Kitchen is where you cook things (create your product) The Kitchen is often the place where you experiment (fail and succeed).


Go ahead, close your eyes and just think about the one thing your grandma makes better than anybody else - can you smell it? are you salivating? can you taste it? Food and food-related memories are often emotional.


Build an emotional connection and a powerful relationship with your customers so strong that they can literally close their eyes and immediately create a positive impression about your brand.


When you FEED YOUR BUSINESS you will sell more of what you've got cookin!" More Customers. More often. More loyal.

Could your business

use a little more cheddar?

Meet The Team

Michael McGuire - 
Head of Data and Business Intelligence


The "dough" is in the know. As Head of Business Intelligence for Kitchen Traffic, it's my duty to make sure you've got the right data and information to make smart business decisions. My team is like a "measuring cup" for your brands growth.


Without customer insights, you are literally cooking blind. Yikes! Having the right mix of data and analytics will give you a competitive advantage to know when, where, and why you should act.

Kelly Fox -
CEO and OpenFLame System Strategist 


Your recipe for success begins with a PHILOSOPHY.

If you don't have a PHILOSOPHY and a SYSTEM in place for focusing on those details and being consistent with applying the recipe, the change you seek will elude you. My team helps you create a winning PHILOSOPHY and SYSTEM in place that is repeatable and measurable.

Scott Webb - Founder and Customer Lifetime Value Expert 


You already have the "Secret Sauce." The challenge is that you may not know your own "Secret." My team is especially gifted in helping you find that "Secret Sauce" and deliver it to your guests in a memorable way. 


Indispensable is the word we like to use. What do you already possess within your products and services that make you indispensable to your customer base? "That" is the one thing we help you leverage and grow your business with.

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